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On Track - Online



It's Free!  This year we’ve decided to offer the Barix Clinics On Track program in a free online version. We are fortunate to have a strong group of positive, supportive members on our private Barix Clinics Support Group Facebook page. This is where the support for the program will come from—other weight loss surgery patients. 

If you’ve gotten a little off track or fallen completely off the rails, this program is for you. It is an 8-week program designed to support healthy lifestyle behaviors. You can use it at any point along your journey with the exception of the first weeks after surgery. 

Consistency with healthy lifestyle behaviors can be challenging. Life happens and we aren’t always prepared with all of the healthy coping skills that we need when we need them. We need to develop those coping skills so we are prepared when life happens. 

Scientific studies are finding more and more information about which behaviors are important to good health. They’ve found that nearly ½ of all premature deaths could have been prevented through lifestyle. The lifestyle habits having the biggest negative impact on our health are smoking, drinking, a lack of exercise, unhealthy eating and being overweight. The US healthcare system ranks as one of the least efficient--50th of 55 countries. We spent an average of $9403 per person, or 17.1% of the gross domestic product and achieved an average life expectancy of 78.9 in 2014.

The doctors and hospitals cannot fix this for us, we as individuals, need to fully adopt the lifestyle habits that will improve our health and prevent disease. You’ve taken a BIG step through weight loss surgery, lost a significant amount of weight and lowered the impact of disease and illness on your life. But don’t stop there. Implement those behaviors that will help you keep the weight off and take your health and well-being to the next level. That’s what the On Track program is about—not settling, not being complacent, but being the best you can be.

So let’s get started. Week 1 of the On Track program is a great launching pad for you to get on track.




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