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Connect Online with Other Barix Clinics Patients

We've provided lots of great places to connect with other Barix Clinics patients. The only ones who really know what you are experiencing.  Sometimes you will be the one with a question--another time, you will be the one with an answer or a word of encouragement. It's all about supporting each other along this life-changing journey.



 For Facebook users, a private page for you to connect with other Barix patients. Monitored by a Barix Nutritionist. 


Frequent posts to inspire and encourage you along your weight loss journey.


Short snippets of information and encouragement.


View commercials and recipe videos.


Looking for a healthy recipe or an inspiring weight loss story? Try our Pinterest page.


Google Plus is another place to find frequent posts--recipes, product reviews, tips, newsletter links, and lots of helpful information.


Our company website is full of information about the history and philosophy of Barix Clinics.


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