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Barix Food and Activity Logs

Track Your Food Intake and Activity

Step 1:  Determine Calorie Needs to Maintain Healthy Weight
             Find calories on the chart below based upon your height and age


Step 2:  Add Average Calories Burned in Exercise
              Find calories expended in 60 min. based upon current weight


Step 3:  Subtract 500 Calories for a 1-Pound per Week Weight Loss

Step 4:  Print Food Log and Begin to Track Food and Activity

1000 Calorie Log

1100 Calorie Log

1200 Calorie Log

1300 Calorie Log

1400 Calorie Log

1500 Calorie Log

1600 Calorie Log

1700 Calorie Log

1800 Calorie Log


Step 5:  Choose Right Sized Portions
                    Find Right Sized Portions in the On Track With Barix Newsletter


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